Day 7 of NYFW Summer x Fall


We are on Day 7 of NYFW and it’s also my last look of the week. I had such a blast putting all these looks together, it’s been a while since I had this much fun doing fashion week and I did it purely for fun and and my own enjoyment.

This outfit is a mixture of 2 seasons: summer x fall, I paired this lovely summer dress with the red biker jacket and added the shade with the chain for a rougher look.; and i love it.

I have a show tomorrow, I am thinking of shooting one last outfit if I make it there. If I do you guys you will the first one to know.

Hope everyone is having a great week so far, one more day till the weekend.





Dress: Target 

Jacket: Target 




Day 6 of NYFW #OOTD





























Day 6 of #NYFW Happy hump day y’all. Today’s look is the classic button down white shirt and blue jeans that you can never go wrong with. I paired it with some red booties and the fancy scarf to give the outfit some character.



Mom Jeans: AE

Shirt: Target

Booties: Target

Bag: Asos (a gift, old)



The elegant Dress


Day 5 of NYFW. I have a substantial amount of confidence in the work that God is doing in me that makes me poised.

When I saw this dress it reminded so much of my mother, elegant and classy; so I had to get it. This dress stands out by itself the red accessory just gave it a little spice.

Hope you guys are enjoying my NYFW looks!





Dress: Who What Wear

Hat: Amazon


Be content


Day 5 of NYFW How do I say content with who I am while still eager for more:

  1. Knowing my true identity in Christ: I am already more than enough, I am dearly loved
  2. I affirm who I am daily, knowing no one can be me, I am unique
  3. I remind myself that I have destiny, everything is unfolding as it supposed to be
  4. I am honest with who I am and who I want to be, not everything or trend is for me
  5. I find my own way to release my creative juice
  6. I give my best right where I am with what I have
  7. I continue to believe no matter what I see, feel or think: God’s plan is always better than mine
  8. I celebrate other people success, it keeps my heart pure and open
  9. I support others even if they don’t support me, learning to love unconditionally or ulterior motive
  10. I make my feelings submit to my heart, I keep my motive clean & clear
  11. I find things 10 things to be grateful for, if “what about me” shows up and
  12. I remind myself that I am right where I am supposed to be.

I don’t always get all of them right but the goal is to never give up, to keep pressing no matter what. How do you stay content and eager for more?

Hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready for a blessed week filled with grace.





Bodysuit: Topshop

Pants: Forever 21

Jacket: Who What Wear

Boots: Target 




NYFW Football Mom

So day 3 of fashion week, and this mom is representing her son first football game of the season. Don’t be fool mama got her sneakers her bag. I styled his team shirt with a pair of mom jeans and heels.

To all my mommas how to you balance kids & work? To me work always take a back seat, specially now that my son is a teenager and really doesn’t depend on me for a lot of things, I am committed to take in every moment with him because before I know it, he be will off to college.

So go KNIGHTS 🏈🏈🏈

Hope everyone have a great weekend!

Your Identity

Hello Friday, hello day 2 of fashion week. I’ve read a lot of books, listened to podcasts, sermons, studies and I’ve come to realized the only way you can truly be joyful in life and live on a solid foundation is to:

*Found your identity in Christ and live by faith

All other things are temporary, and You find yourself in a “then what” cycle. I get the job then what, I found the spouse then what, I get in the shows at fashion week then what, I wear the latest pieces then what, you will always be in this rat race until you look within and let God feel the whole. Nothing is wrong with having these things as long as they are not behind the wheel of your joy.

When you start living by faith you realized how unstable living by feelings is, because they are fickle.

Blazer: H&M

Sneakers: Adidas







Kicking off my NYFW looks was a bit of a challenge, I certainly didn’t expect 90 degree weather in September but I made it work.

My intention for NYFW is to enjoy and experience this week in any and  every way that I can. Looking forward to the new collections from the upcoming and seasoned designers. I have a couple events set up and one show that I really want to go to. I am not as excited as I used to be but, more excited that I was last year and I am really enjoying the fact that my authentic love for blogging is slowing coming back.


Happy Fashion week Ya’ll, let’s get inspired.






Top: Zara

Skirt: Boutique (old)

Shoe: (old)




Living by faith


I recently realized that living by bible faith is literally giving myself to what God said about me by faith through intimate relationship with Him, no matter if I feel it or not and let grace change me. I don’t have to force myself to become something, grace will meet if i release my faith. But I had to make sure that my want and my motivation were sincere.  I had to be honest with myself and figure out what my wants were,  because they were a lot material things and that no longer works for me.  My number one prayer now, is to become who God created me to be before the salvation of the world, before Adam and Eve ate from the tree. I want to know that person and become it. To live by faith and be led by the Spirit and let my feelings and emotions catch up, that’s life goal now.

I was never created for the dictate of flesh,  I was never created to be led by my emotions and feelings, I was created for God’s glory and His righteousness. I was created to be love, walk in power and sound mind, i was created to be filled with joy, peace and overflow with hope as I trust in Him, and I am growing in these truths. What truth are you growing into?


Fashion: I decided to start blogging again on my own term and lane, I figured fashion week will be the best time to start. I will be blogging for fashion week stay tune…





Dress: A small boutique

Jeans: AE

Sandals: H&M (old)

No yeah but

No Yeah but…

I am learning that becoming a Christian is not just about praying a prayer and go heaven but I’ve died to myself, to the way I was, thought, emotions everything that made up me so I can spring up and bear much fruit. We can be christians and still live through the eyes of flesh(that was me). I am supposed to grow into Christ and become like Him. There is no more that’s who I am or how I am. I’ve died to my old self and my sins and can’t no longer live in it. That doesn’t mean I am perfect but it simply means I no longer identify with sins because I’ve become the righteousness of God.

This past weekend, I’ve been in a position where my flesh got the best of me for a moment, but I quickly came out of agreement with it “Father, I no longer have those rights, I was not created for anger, to be frustrated or offended. It is not who you created me to be and who I desire to be. I have peace with you, I was created for your righteousness and to be led by the spirt. I thank you for your conviction, your truth and light at work in me molding me into the person who created me before the salvation of the world. Thank you for your abundant grace upon my life.”

I am learning Christianity is not just about confessing scriptures or following a set of rules but receiving the finished work of Jesus by faith through fellowship and intimate time with God and in his word. If God says I am something there’s no yeah but, He said it I have to receive it by faith until I become it. God said to walk in love by faith with joy, to live worry/fear free, to love, to hold no record of wrong, I can choose to believe that by faith and grow into this person he says I am or I can let my flesh justify why I can’t.

It’s very simple the work of God is to believe (CHOOSE FAITH) , if you don’t get everything He has done, you will be in works. God love us, the love flows freely so that we can be transform by it, reproduce after it and make just like it.

Dress: Urban outfitters

Sandals: Target 

What is Definition of Wining


I hope everyone had a great weekend, if not i am sending love and may the peace of God be yours.

Over the weekend, I allowed myself to be sucked into “Since I decided to do life God’s way everyone seem to be winning but me” as I entertained the thought, I heard in my spirit those who wait on the Lord will not be put to shame. I know the verse, I’ve said it to myself and heard it so many times; so why did I allow myself to entertain this thought?and at the point of my life what is my definition of wining?

If you had ask me this 2 years ago I probably would’ve said something totally different. Today my definition of wining is doing life God’s way, be led by the Holy Spirit and killing my flesh every chance I get (but that’s no walk in the park, my flesh has been running my life for years). Walk in love by faith with joy.  I’ve been empowered and graced to live this life and it is an honor. Don’t get me wrong I want to travel, be married, have enough money to do everything I want when I want it, but they are no longer my motivation for serving God, my motive is to please Him and become more like Christ. The thing is, we  have been brainwashed into thinking that God’s way is boring and sucked fun out of life but its a lie from the pit of hell He simply wants to protect and love us. God, the Power who creates worlds and keeps the earth spinning in its orbit, in perfect proximity to other planets knows what is best for us and He desires  for us to prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers. 3 John 1:2

 God, richly provides us with all things for our enjoyment. 1 Timothy 6:17

He said  “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you” Matthew 6:33

I realized that I allowed myself to entertain this thought because I was at the moment looking at life through the lens of fear instead of love. Love does not envy, love believes the best and expects the best. When and if this thought comes back, I just have to remember what wining means to me.

So tell me what does wining means to you?





Dress: Forever 21

Bag: Target