Several weeks ago I started praying for restoration. I have been praying day and night asking for a breakthrough. I asked the Lord to help me accept things that I cannot change, to teach me how to truly be happy for someone without wondering deep down “what about me”. With thanksgiving approaching I prayed for gratitude. I always felt that I was a grateful person until that whisper this morning…

“-remember how you felt when you first signed  the lease on your apartment 
-remember how you felt when you current boss told you,  you were hired 
-remember how you felt when you got the key to your car 
-remember how you felt when the doctor told you, everything was ok
-remember how you feel every time you see your son
-remember how you felt when you first met him regardless of what is today
-remember how you feel when you are spending time with your family and friends
-remember how you felt when you bought every piece of clothing in your closet 
The list when on and on…..Now JUST HOLD ON TO THE JOY 


              Coat: H&M
              Blouse: unknown 
              Corduroy: old navy 
              Boots: gap