Money….can make life very comfortable but it can also be your biggest nightmare. I’ve battled with my finance for years. I am not into brand names but I am an impulse shopper. It’s been such a struggle but I think I am finally on the right path with a lot of prayers, reading and listening. One of my goal this year is to take control of my finance and master the art of saving. I am proud to say that I am almost credit cards free yayyyy, 2 more to go and I will be done. It can be very challenging to be a blogger and keep up with all the new trends but you can use it as a tool to keep you honest.
Live your reality, be creative and stay true to yourself.
Check out the 2 people who played major role in my journey:

Myleik Teele, founder/CEO of curbox. After listening to her podcasts “Myleik Teele” about budget and money I had several ahah moments. She made me realize that I had to “change my relationship with money” in order to take control of my life.  Challenging yourself everyday is key to rebuilding a new and healthy relationship with money. It’s a very empowering experience. She makes me proud to be a black woman

TD Jakes sermons have been my daily therapy in this journey. Make a desision and be fully and totally committed to it.