Many Black women are now creative business owners who are claiming a piece of the pie. I have decided that I will try to feature one every month on my blog. So Last night  my niece birthday dinner was the perfect occasion to feature Belle Creations, a jewelry company founded in 2011 by a talented young woman, my sister/friend who decided to share her passion with the public. Her unique collection is designed to make people feel confident, beautiful and sexy with her creative jewelry designs

Belle Creations button leopard earrings was perfect for my outfit on this beautiful NYC night.

Visit  Belle Creations for some beautiful earrings.  I wear them with proud, support our business minded women

Enhance your wardrobe 

You took what I was and made me who I am and I’m filled with gratitude

Sweatshirt: Target
Faux leather Pants: Target
Boots: Joyce Leslie
Earrings: Belle Creations
Necklace: Forever 21