People often ask me how do I stay positive well my weapon is: I Pray All the time.I learned to listen to my inner voice and make sure when I say yes to someone I don’t say no to myself. I also don’t take anything personal and don’t make any assumptions (if I do I take it back right away). 

I choose everyday to expose my talent and bury my fear. 

I always wanted a pair of camo pants but  I refused to spend a lot of money on them so when I saw a pair on sale at Joyce Leslie it was perfect. I decided to wear them with my big chunky sweater for a more relax look.
Natural, Didn’t twist your hair the night before just put on a hat and look effortlessly chic 

One of my favorite color this spring is cobalt blue. So added my cobalt blue pumps and necklace for a pop of color

Happy International Women Day!!!!

Sweater: Target
Pants: Joyce Leslie
Bag: Marshalls
Necklace: Zara
Hat: Target
Pumps: Uknown