Lately I’ve been very irritated, I know my timing is not God’s timing but what do you do when you are at a crossroad? What do you do when you know with every inch of your being that the past is not an option? What do you do when no longer in the cocoon but you are not quiet ready to fly?. What do you when are pregnant with God’s promise, having  labor pain and it’s not time to deliver? What do you when you are on a layover at the airport of life waiting to board your flight to your future? What do you do when you no longer want to make one more move without God? What do you do when you’ve been praying and nothing is happening?  What do you do when giving up is starting to taste sweet? What do you do when you are tired of waiting and tempted to step out on your own plans?
Pray, Pray, Pray and Pray but 
I no longer pray for patience, because patience is learned through tribulations. So I pray for exactly what I want. I pray for liberation, a breakthrough, deliverance, freedom, strength to hold on and courage to stay true to who I am. Waiting is one of the hardest thing to do in life but God is worth the wait.
I believe and trust that God have big plans for me but sometimes it’s hard when you are eager to  walk into your divine purpose.

God rewards faithfulness in His time and in His way, if we are willing to wait upon Him so let’s KEEP PUSHING!

Shirt: Peter Pilotto
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Target