When I emotionally hit rock bottom no one was really able to help. Family and friends sympathized with me, gave me a shoulder to cry on but they weren’t able to take my feelings and my hurt away. My family loved me through the pain but at the end I had to face it alone because they didn’t have the captivity to accuratly understand what I was feeling or the severity of what was happening to me. Happy pills can suppress it, and a therapist can help but not make you over. I tried to fix myself by reading a lot of self help books because showing weakness wasn’t an option but I was unsuccessful. What do you do when you grew hearing that you are the tough and strong one and that’s how you’ve learned to survive but you are tired of being the tough and strong? Emotional healing is a job for Jesus. Only He can renew your mind, heal your broken pieces. He turned my mourning into dancing and my sorrow into Joy.

Won’t He do it 

I  smile because everyday I get stronger

One of my favorite piece from the Peter Pilotto collection for target was this dress, funny thing I didn’t think I would like it until it put it on. Perfect Fit 

Dress: Peter Pilotto
Sandals: Zara
Necklace: JCrew