I’m sure we all heard the saying Do what you love and Success will follow. How many of us are doing something that we love. A while ago I had a conversation with my cousin who is a nurse, I asked her if money wasn’t an issue would you still be a nurse? She replied with confidence “Yes, I love what I do”. I whispered in my head for all the sacrifices that you made to become a nurse and still making you better love it lol. 
          Can we all answer confidently Yes to that question in regards to our own career? I sure can’t, if money wasn’t an issue I would never be a paralegal. Now some might say life gets in the way, we have bills, mortgages, car notes etc. But is making money to pay bills all there is to life? Yes, we have to pay bills but do we have to trade our life purpose, our passion? Can we use our current situation as a vehicle to get us to our purpose or do we simply give up and live an unfulfilled routine life? A life where we wake up in the morning depressed about heading to work. I believe there is nothing more fulfilling than doing something that you are passionate about.
        I have a friend of mine he is a dj, now coming from a Haitian background with only three acceptable and successful career choices: Doctor, Lawyer and Nursing I’m sure it was difficult because His passion didn’t fit our Haitian standards but he was courageous enough to follow his passion. His love for music is undeniable and his passion is contagious. I love the saying when you do something from the heart people dig that, I believe that’s why he is successful people sure dig him. 
        I say do what you love even if it starts as hobby it will keep you connected to your passion. When something is enjoyable, it is human nature to seek out that thing and prolong it.  
        Find your passion and go for it. You will find a way to do it,  you will make it through, you won’t quit when the going gets tough, you will give your maximum effort to attain your goal because you love it. Be purpose driven and Keep Challenging yourself. Challenge is what keeps successful people going. 
         Me, I love fashion, taking pictures, I love dressing other people and I always wanted to write…. so here I am. I can blog and shop all day all night ;).   
What do you love to do? What are you passionate  about? 

The key to a joyful and abundant life is to use our God given talents.

Blazer: H&M

Shirt : Banana Republic

Pants: H&M

Sandals: Target