I never knew becoming who I am meant to be would’ve been such a challenging process. It takes Courage to stand for what you believe in. It takes passion to keep going when no one is paying attention. It takes audacity to start over. It takes nerve to try something new. It takes boldness to go against what society see as the norm. It takes commitment to follow your instincts when you are facing several challenges. It takes bravery to go against what everyone in your family expect you to do. It takes Faith to leave the familiar for the unfamiliar. 

I’ve  learned the only way to become who God created me to be, is to move through life being my authentic self everyday with the Holy Spirit as my guide. 

    In this post I am wearing a maxi skirt as a dress, I just love versatile pieces.

When My Heart is Overwhelmed Lead Me to the Rock that is Higher than I.

Dress/Skirt: Forever 21

Sandals: Target

Watch: Target

Headband: Flowerbandsbyryann follow @p00kumz on IG for one