So after my last blog post on gratitude on Thursday, I totally got tested on my own gratitude. On Thursday afternoon I was feeling down I told my very good friend and my sister that I was exactly where I was 3 years ago and it wasn’t a good day. Even when they tried to encourage me, I asked them nicely to let me wallow in my self pity. That night I fell asleep asking God for help and repeating ” when my heart is overwhelmed lead me to the rock that is higher than I”. 
    On Friday morning I woke with this sweet voice whispering in my head your son will be graduating the 5th grade in less than 2 weeks and blessings after blessings came rushing out, at that moment I realized that I might be at the same place that I was 3 years ago in certain area in my life but I am a much Stronger woman in God and I am Bless.  
    I didn’t know that it would be such a challenge to stop making decisions without God but I am here to tell you it’s WORTH it. Whenever you get tired or tempted to go out on your own just call on Him, He will always be there. When you feel insecure and “what about me” sneaks on you, know its time to cling to God more than ever. He  hears you and He understands, trust Him. He will make it worth your while. God rewards faithfulness in His time and His way, if we are willing to wait on Him. 
 This song Just to be close to You  by Fred Hammond have been on repeat, hope you guys love it too. 
I don’t really know a lot of things But I know this, I’m lost without You
 I don’t know just what the future brings But I know this, I couldn’t make it Without You. I’m yearning
Lord, I need You Please hear me And Lord with all my heart
I lift my hands to You

Just to be close to You Just to be close to You
Just to be close to You Is my desire

 If I could push a button and erase All my mistakes. I would be okay
Thinking bout the choices that I’ve made. I might as well face it
There’s only me to blame

And I’m crying and I’m asking Over and over
How did I get here? So desperately I’m thirsting
After You O Lord

Just to be close to You Just to be close to You
Just to be close to You Is my desire

~~Happy weekend to all~~

Shirt: Gap
Sweats: Target
Sneakers: Target
Necklace: H&M