I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way to successfully move forward in this life is to leave my worries, fear, anxiety, doubts at the feet of The Lord and let Him tell me or/and show me my next move. Worrying made things happen? Said no one. God’s Destiny for our lives will prevail.

Grace will take you where hustling can’t take you. Grace will put you in position you’ve never imagine. Grace will blow your mind. Grace will make you say never in my wildest dream.
In this outfit I am wearing this gorgeous vintage dress that I got from eBay (I’ve developed a slight obsession with ebay, don’t judge me lol). This dress reminded me of one of my favorite movie as a little girl “Annie”. Looking forward to the new version coming out at the end of this year.

I also decided to belt it to accentuate my waist, cause we all want a small waist 🙂

Dress: Ebay

Belt: unknown

 Shoes:  for Target

Bag: Marshall’s 

Earrings: Forever 21