I spent my morning on the first day day of summer cleaning out my closet. Since I shop a lot (don’t judge I am working on it) and I am trying to save money and shop less, I decided to take an inventory of my closet. I often buy clothes and forget about them so I figured if they are in my face I will eliminate this problem. That is where the rack comes in. This how I decided what went on the rack and what will be my repeat offenders for the summer:

*Everything with a tag went on the rack
*If I only wore it once last summer it went on the rack. 
*If it’s a summer trend it went on the rack 
I wasn’t able to fit everything but I’ll keep rotating my clothes. How are you getting ready for the summer?

I was listening to one of Myleik  (CEO of Curlbox) podcast she said ” feelings are not facts and they will pass if you allow them to” I love it so much that I frame it. 

~Happy Summer All, live in the moment and let’s make great memories ~