Summer, Summer, Sunmer time. I decided that everything that I do this summer will be an agreement with my spirit. Praying it will be my new way to move through life. 

Today’s oufit is a casual office look with a little texture: lace meets leopard.

      You can spend the rest of yourself trying to keep up with the Jones or you can decide to own truth. Your life doesn’t have to make sense to anyone as long as it make sense to you.

      People will always have something to say but at the end of the day its your life, your choices, do what’s best for you don’t sell yourself short. Some us are people pleasers it’s time to shake it off. Make sure when you Yes to someone you are not saying no to yourself. I can’t tell you how many times I heard people say ( me included) “I’m not in the mood to do it but I am going to do it anyway”, don’t get me wrong it’s ok to be nice but make sure it’s with the right intention.
     Learning to be ourselves is an ongoing journey, its hard work and it require a lot of commitment but we can do it. 
Don’t let society dictate your norm, Be it, Do it, Buy it and Wear it because you Love it. Let your Passion and Light be the deciding factors on how you live your life.

Life is too short let’s live Our Best Life. 

Blouse:  Forever 21

Pants: H&M

Shoes: Target

Watch: Target

Shades: Shades