I became an orphan at the age of 13 years old. I had a very challenging childhood and I was determined to prove to everyone that I would make something of myself. So I buried my feelings, everything I did was well calculated, and spontaneity was not part of my vocabulary. 
     I believe as an orphan I had no room for mistakes. I had to get everything right the first time because my parents were not around to fix it. I became a super kid who turned out to be a super adult but my super hero complex was short lived when I got divorced. My world turned upside down I could not believe that my marriage failed. What do I do now? 
     My biggest fear came to life I am a failure, a divorcee, and a single mom. Growing up in a church that  made you feel that getting a divorce bought you a one way ticket to hell if you ever found love again was another heavy weight on my shoulder. 
     I’ve learned 3 lessons on this journey:   1.God is a God of second chances
*David had everything a man could want. He was king and anointed by God, had many wives, but he wanted Bathsheba so he had her husband killed to get her. God gave him another chance.
*Jacob stole his brother’s blessing, cheated his Uncle Laban, and even bargained with God. God gave him many second.  
2. Nothing just happens.
3. Nothing you’ve done is a shock to God. 

God is the same God yesterday and today and forever. His love is unconditional so I am using my second chance faithfully. 

Top: H&M 

Skirt: H&M 

Necklace: H&M

Bag: Marshall’s

 Sandals: Charlote Russe