Some of you might already know if you follow me on Instagram that I went camping over the weekend.  We went to Honesdale, PA KOA campgrounds. It was 9 of us, 4 adults and 5 children. I must say it was one of the best experience I’ve had so far, very peaceful, relaxing and the kids had a blast. We made new friends and decided that we should make the camping trip an annual event. There’s nothing like spending quality time with family and friends

Hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed weekend. 

Time to be one with nature!

It was nice to learn how to make a wood fire. We collected our own wood and our new friend did the rest. 

The perfect view to wake up to, very peaceful and relaxing. I love places that help me reconnect and give me a deeper understanding of what really matter in life, love, family and friends. 

Outfit 1

Shirt: Old Navy

Shorts:  Thrifted

Boots: Joyce Leslie

Duffle Bag: Forever 21

Outfit 2

Kimono: H&M

Tank top: 

Shorts: diy express short

Boots: Joyce Leslie

Outfit 3

Shirt: Walmart

Tank top: Unknown

Shorts: diy express short

Sneakers: Converse