@nikiaphoenix from Model Liberation and @Tayehansberry

 Teekay from @Fashionpastry

 Emily Gemma from  the Sweetest thing @emilyanngemma


@marianny was one of the new bloggers we met
We also met @fashionaholik, @reddsolesandredwine @101thingsilove
One of my goals this year was to network more and meet fellow bloggers. Last Friday day 2 of fashion week I had the opportunity to meet some of my favorite bloggers. In the words of The Alchemist ” when you want something, all the universe conspires for you to achieve it; the universe was definitely working with me this past weekend. Life is to short so follow your dreams and leave the rest to the universe. 
This experience reinforced on my favorite quote by P. Terentius”Nothing human is alien to me” if these bloggers did it and are still doing it, so can you. 
Go after your dreams whatever it might be.