I have been watching Shanel Cooper-Sykes live broadcast about Elevate your life and create Miracles.
 The broadcast is for a week, an hour session and you also get homework. For Day 2 homework you had 
to write a “Dear God” letter about forgiving yourself. I’ve never been so eager to do homework in my life. I started writing and I couldn’t stop, my heart was heavy but the more I wrote the lighter I felt. Writing this letter was one the most powerful and life changing experience in my life and I challenge everyone to do it.
We can be so hard on ourselves and we must learn to forgive ourselves as Christ has forgiven us.Forgiveness doesn’t excuse what we’ve done, but it gives us an opportunity to let go of what we are holding against ourselves so we can move forward. Forgiving ourselves is Essential and it will change the direction of our lives.
Happy Trust Thursday!