Since I have a big Birthday coming up, I decided to do an emotional detox for 2 weeks. My emotional detox goes something like this: 
Meditate every morning 
Fast everyday  until 12 noon
No social media expect for uploading new blog post. 
Journalize each day

My reason for the detox is to silence the world, take an inventory of my life, purge bad habits and negativity. My Birthday prayer this year is to be release from all  painful emotions, face myself the good, the bad and the ugly; let God fill all the empty spaces with His love, His peace, His joy and the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit. 
          My first day was so overwhelming that almost quit. I kept hearing the word “When”, felt an urge to write in my journal and the questions came pouring out: 
When did I lose the true meaning of love?
When did I pick up the world way of dating? 
When did I give up on the qualities that I love the most about myself?
When did I stop fighting for what I know in my heart is right?
When did I allow experiences or events to walk away with pieces of me?
When did allow opinions of others to influence how I live my life?
Somewhere in the middle of writing the “I” became “You”
When did you replace 
Faith with worry?
Peace with anxiety?
Joy with sadness?
Praise with stress?
Love with lust?
Gratitude with complaints?
Hope with despair?
Contentment with loneliness?
When did you stop being whole?
When did you give up on who I created you to be for who the world says you should be?
When did you let go of my hand and held on to your fears?
When did you lose trust in my power to give you all of your heart deepest desires?
When did you forget that my strength is made perfect in your weakness?
When did you start taking matters into your own hands?
When did you start compromising yourself?

I felt so ashamed, all I was able to write at the end was Lord forgive me
Being convicted by the Holy Spirit is not pretty but it’s worth it. It will give you a change mind if that’s what you want. 

 God promise that whatever you ask for in His name He will grant to us if it is for the good of our soul and in accordance with His Divine Will. I ask for detox well detox it is!