I have been drowning myself in sermons, books, interviews on positive thinking, God Divine design, and self love.  As the first week of my emotional detox comes to an end; I wanted to share some of the questions that came up for me. 

Is your life a false advertisement? 

Is God at the center of your life?

Are you asking God for more when you can’t manage what you already? 

Are you committed to what you want?

Are you true to yourself? 

Are you still mentally attach to your past?

What do people get when they get you?

Do you love yourself?

Are you making permanent decision over temporary circumstance?

Do you feel fulfill? 

Do you believe you deserve it?

Are you co-created your life with your intentions? 

Do you believe in miracles?

Are you willing to change your way of thinking?

Are you in control of your feelings or are your feelings controlling you?

Are you happy?

Are you still attached to your past? 

Are you showing up everyday as yourself?

Do you believe in yourself? 

Are you enough?

Is vulnerability a weakness?

What is your biggest fear when you think of money? 

What is your biggest fear when you think of love?

Are you open and receptive to change, love and everything you say you want?