The Best Revenge is being your authentic self and at ease in your own sense of self

True Self Love is Being Complete in God 

Fear is thinking you can do a better Job than God

Confusion is choosing your way of doing things over God’s way.

Power is our divine right to change our mind and to choose our thoughts and the way we react to life. 

Awakening is co creating your life with your intentions. 

Loneliness is not spending enough time with God

Faith is stepping out of your comfort zone and letting of self and holding on to God. 

Worrying is not trusting God’s timing. 

Surrendering is putting your life in God’s hands

Wisdom is understanding (in the word of TD. Jakes) that the will of God is not sent to please you, the will of God is not sent to fulfill you. The will of God is sent to woo you into the place you need to be for the things He has for you to do 

Forgiveness is letting go of the past, forgiving yourself and others.  

Change is the willingness to be uncomfortable 

Freedom is letting go of our expectations, illusions and our self righteous perspectives.

Miracle is choosing love over fear