In life we often get caught up with all the things we want and at the core of it all it’s pure selfishness. Recently, while listening to one of TD Jakes sermons he said something that stuck with me “God will increase your budget when He likes what’s on your list”. Now, don’t get me wrong just surviving is not enough cause God created us for greatness; however are we serving a higher purpose. In the words of TD Jakes “Why should God invest in another selfish desire”
I invite you today to take a look at your list. Would God like what’s on your list?
This the season to wear faux fur, plaid and be merry,  I think my outfit definitely live up to it. 
Happy Monday all!

Blazer: Target

Faux Fur Scarf: Forever 21

Pants: Target

Shoes: Forever 21

Clutch: Forever21