In honor of Valentine’s Day, this week I decided to celebrate the couples in my life who inspire me with their wonderful and loving relationships. Their love make me sanguine. Here’s what they had to say about relationships, love and marriage.  

1. Derek and Claudine JonesGrowing up Claudine was one of the best example any young woman could’ve ask for. A great motivator, who simply evoked greatness out of you. I call her the martriarch of my generation. Now, she motivates me through her relationship. They have been married for 16 years. 

“Our love is a gentle breeze on a sunny day”. And she adds “he is my rock, you should always marry someone who has your back in all situations”

2. Claude and Julie Fleurimond. I’ve known them before they knew they were meant for each other. I’m sure some people doubted them when they decided to get married, but their love for each other was stronger than any doubts. Today they run a Marriage Build to Last group. They have 13 years of marriage under their belt. 

“If you’re single and waiting for the “ONE” try not to focus so much on finding “the one” but more so on “BECOMING THE ONE”. A successful marriage is possible when two COMPLETE and  HAPPY people make a decision to build a future together. Be fully CONTENT with who YOU ARE  because depending on someone else to make you happy, is only a set up for failure” 

3.  Donald and Dina Lassegue. She was a tough cookie to crack but she underestimated his wittiness. He won her heart by making her laugh during an arduous time. Married 9 years.

“You have to LIKE the person that you LOVE or your relationship won’t succeed, that’s why we work”.

4. Eddy and Cindy Michel. They are the epitome of love always wins. After being married for 8 years and separated for 10 years, they renewed their vows last summer.

“True love never dies no matter what”

5. John and Kim Iaria. My newlyweds, every time I think of them the song “when a man loves a woman” comes to mind. Love found her when she least expected it. They have been together for 6 years and married for a month today. Happy First Month Anniversary love birds. 

“Marry your best friend, be willing to compromise, and you will enjoy a lifetime of happiness”.

6. Frantz Dugue and Joelle Pierre-Louis. It was a pleasure to witness a friendship blossomed into love. Together 6 years and engaged to be married this year.   

“Our relationship is more than Love it’s a Friendship”

Love is the greatest gift of all and working on it is obligatory daily. Thank you to all the couples for celebrating LOVE with me.  
“Never allow your happiness to depend on a  relationship. I think it’s a very special thing to find love. It’s beautiful. Nothing can match it. But make sure you find other things in life that you love besides… your love. ~Unknown~

Happy Valentine’s Day all!