Have you ever been so hungry for change that  you don’t even recognize yourself? Lately, I made it my dominant intention to be happy and to do life God’s way. I no longer want to place my trust in my bank account, friends, family, because life happens and people are fickle. Don’t get me wrong I love my family and friends but this is a job for Jesus. 

And when you make other people and other things your god, you dismantle God in your life. Sarah Jakes Roberts 

This past week taught me to stop holding on to the last piece of my heart and to give God my whole heart. I said I did, but when things didn’t  go my way, I allowed worry and fear to mess with my peace and joy. So I’ve decided once and for all, to leave fear, doubt, and worry at Jesus feet; to only meditate on His promises ( if for nothing else good thoughts simply feel better to me). Now, I am selfishly going to get what was always promise to me in return, which is peace that surpasses all understanding and wisdom to go through life contrasts joyfully. It is my dominant intention to be in ALIGNMENT with the whole of who I am and to be unconditionally HAPPY. 

God is not impressed with His own ability to know your heart. He is impressed when you give Him your heart. Touré Roberts

I haven’t been wearing colors so I decided to wear all of them at once… haha in this perfect floral dress. Happy hump day y’all and thank you for stopping by. Here’s to being happy!

Dress: Forever 21