I love the woman that I am becoming. I love that I decided to let God mold me into the woman He created me to be. A woman walking in her purpose and learning everyday to totally trust God in every aspects of her life. I want to share this following quote from Joyce Rodgers sermon from Megafest2015.

“You thought God couldn’t do it because you have nothing to offer. You’ve been confined to religion, to economic status but God is not going to do it because you can help Him but because He is able.” Joyce Rodgers.

This statement made me realize that I had residual negative feelings; over the years I allowed religion to make me doubt myself, to question God’s love for me at time. This divine quote chased these feelings away. Hope it will do the same for you.  God doesn’t need our help all He wants is our hearts.

This all white look was perfect for a casual day out with family and friends. I wore it with my leopard printed slip on sneakers because  they added a little spice to the outfit.

Happy Humpday and thank you for stopping by.

Outfit: head to toe  from Target