It’s been a while since I uploaded a blog post. Life happens and with my new busy schedule I will probably be uploading once or twice a week. God is doing a new thing in my life.

When God is doing a clean up in your life and new opportunities are coming, you will run into resistance. However, we have the ability to choose the way we see it, the way we process it, and the way we respond to it. Recently, I had a friend of mine asked me how I deal with fear and doubts, you know some of  the pattern of thoughts that we picked up along the way from other people perspective and experiences.

I found having a plan on how to deal with doubt and fear before it happens really help;  meaning a mantra, a ritual or saying that resonate with You ( not your friend or what works for others) but You and Your life to help you shift your negative thoughts. I am training  myself to see doubt and fear as a reminder.

So when doubt or fear is trying to creep in I say to myself “thank you for reminding me how much God loves me cause I was forgetting a moment, thank you for reminding me that God has big plans for me, thank you for reminding me that I am the apple of His eyes, thank you for reminding me of the knowledge who God is, thank you for reminding me He is I AM, thank  you for reminding me that my joy is in Him. I let the momentum take over and before you know it  I feel better. It’s a skill you can train yourself not to allow yourself to drift into negative feelings, if you catch yourself early its easy to soothe yourself back into feeling the presence of God.

I recently added a couple statement pieces to my fall capsule wardrobe, which I’ll be sharing soon. In meantime here’s one of the piece that I got.

Duster: Forever 21 

Legging: H & M

Booties: old