I grew up hearing trust God, but it could be a challenging thing when we are so intoxicated with reality. Trusting God requires not focusing on what’s going in our life. Not allowing “what is” train us but God promises. Bu what they forgot to teach us, is that we won’t just wake up one morning and start trusting God. It takes practice, it takes retraining your perception to see the world through the eyes of God. It takes a bit of effort to intentionally add momentum to the feeling of trust. It takes meditating on the word. It takes an attitude of trust and patience that only develops under trials. So when we find ourselves not trusting as much as you would like to,  just try to remember we get a chance at it everyday and every moment. The more we intentionally do it the better we will get at it until it becomes a chronic behavior.

Outfit: A second look with my faux leather skirt that I paired with my little black dress.