You don’t have to be so strong all the time. You don’t have to try to make everything ok, it’s not your job. Let yourself grieve the lost of your parents so you can heal properly. It’s ok to be weak because God strength is made perfect in your weakness

Take the invisible blindfold off. Learn to trust God to prevent unnecessary pain. Even when you don’t understand know He always has the best in mind for you. Even when you don’t see your way out, He already made a way out. He sees you and He sees the pain, the hurt, shame and your broken heart. He will mend all the broken pieces if you just surrender. You don’t have to earn His love and you can’t. Grace is tied to the abundance of gifts given by God.
Let go of your mistakes cause if you confess them, God forgave you and made you white as snow. He was thinking of you when He died on the cross. When fear and doubt come learn how to inject them with the word of God. I know you feel alone sometimes in the world but God is always with you. He is the father to the fatherless. You will make mistakes but there’s nothing you can do that will make God stop loving you.
He knows your deepest desires and if it is will He will blow your mind. If it’s not He has something better. Don’t get caught up in religion, build your own spiritual relationship with Him. Living for Him is not popular but living for Him is necessary for a happy fearless life.

You have the ability to create your own reality, perspective is everything. Your emotions are an indicator of your alignment. A belief is a thought you keep thinking if you don’t like it choose another thought. Give up wanting to be right or to prove your point it’s not worth giving up your own alignment. Success is seeing through the eyes of God. Success is being a deliberate thinker.  Stop arguing for limitations, talk about only what you want. Success is being your authentic self. Your blessings are disbursed in sequence by divine timing so relax. The relationship you are really looking for is the relationship between you and God, before anyone else. Happiness is a choice so let go of chronic pattern of thoughts that no longer serve you.

Relax, stop worry so much, enjoy yourself, have fun. Take risks, say yes to things that your would automatically say no to. Be more positive, everything is always working out for you.
Love Me