Sometimes, you think you’ve dealt with an insecurity in your life, until you are in the process of God pruning you and realized that you really didn’t. So recently, I went to dinner with my sisters, when a conversation about college brought me to tears. I couldn’t believe that I was still dealing with this specific insecurity. Honestly, I know my sister did mean anything bad by saying she expected me to be further in my education. However, her statement brought up a dormant insecurity. I got defensive and told her that she didn’t have to deal with half of the obstacles that my other sister and I had to deal with. And she should thank God that she had sisters that were able to absorb some of the blow of life for her. But honestly that was all my insecurity talking.

The fact at my age I still I didn’t have my bachelor degree was a big deal for me, and shame had attached itself to that fact. I have my associate degree and I am in the process of getting my bachelor. And I thought I dealt with my insecurity, until two weeks ago. I was feeling very emotional that day which it didn’t help me at all. There I was at the table I couldn’t hold back the tears. The insecurity overwhelmed me and was choking the life out of my confidence.

I decided to write this blog post to help me let go of it once and for all. I hear once you expose insecurity it no longer has power over you, so I am doing just that. I am tired of letting the enemy steal God’s glory, my hard earned accomplishments and joy. I am letting go of the shame and I am proud to say that I just registered for my last semester. I graduate in May 2016 with my bachelor’s degree!!!

Happy Friday y’all