Just finished my first fast of the year and decided to blog about it. During this fast, I gave up breakfast, meat and social media for the week. My first meal was at lunch time at 1pm but I had a snack at 12. My goal was for God to speak to me in a way that would change my perspective on certain things in life. And that He did, I just love Him. This week I fell in love with Steven Furtick teachings and Lysa Terkeurst, Lisa Harper and so many others. I love to take notes when I am listening to sermons so I decided to share the things that spoke to my spirit this week. Hope it does the same for you
I listed  to several of his sermons but the haunted heart, how to be brave, and the genius of Jesus were my all-time favorites. In the haunted heart he shared how all the ghosts in our lives keep defeating us because they keep surprising us. We can’t chase it, we can’t escape it, but if we expect it we can expose it. We have the light to expose it. The Lord is our light and our salvation

*The haunted heart (Steven Furtick), Put the light on it
When guilt shows up : it’s an opportunity for grace
When hopeless shows up : it’s an opportunity for greater faith
When offense shows up : it’s an opportunity for forgiveness
When sorrow shows up : it’s an opportunity for strength
When threats shows up : it’s an opportunity for light

*How to brave the waves of life (Steven Furtick)
Breath, every breath is a prayer reminding you that He is inside of you sustaining you
Remember, have a trigger that reminds you of God’s hand of faithfulness
Ask God, pray with thanksgiving and supplication
Visualize, open the eyes of your heart
Elevate, worship God in the storm

“Sometimes we are not willing to carry the thing that God could use the most to drive you to rely on His Grace.” Steven Furtick. And we know that in ALL THINGS God works for the good of those who love Him. Romans 8:28. This minister to my heart more than anything this week, I will NEVER the same after this week.
-Don’t say anything unless you can follow it up with this phrase, and that’s just the way I like it.
*Reaching the goal (Steven Furtick)
-Sometimes you are the last one to see the effects of your obedience to God. (Steven Furtick)
-Any external criticism that I have received, has only ever damage me to the level my internal security enable it (Steven Furtick)

*The struggle is the same (me too) (Steven Furtick)
-The real struggle of life is SURRENDER, surrendering our dreams, our plans, our agenda and our ways. Not my will but your will God. (Steven Furtick)

*What do you do when you don’t know what to do? By Lysa Terkeurst
Trace God’s hand of faithfulness. The same God who took care of you in the past is the same God that will take care of you in the middle of this situation, but you have to stay in His will.

“When a word or something speaks to your spirit and you don’t understand it. You have to go to God ask Him. What is this word that is hitting me so much in my spirit?” ~ Stephanie Ike.
Prayers I’ve prayed

Lord, increase my capacity to love and trust you more than anything in this world. Lord, help me in my unbelief. I believe but in those cricked places in my heart, where I am still insecure, where my heart is still a heart stone replace it with a heart of flesh.

This one came from one of Lysa Terkeurst sermons

God, I give you permission:

-to alter my thinking

-consume my heart

-and redirect my steps
You said call You and You will answer, search for me with all your heart and I will let you find me. Lord circumcise my heart, my son’s heart. Give us a new heart, put in us a new spirit. Replace our hearts of stone with a heart flesh. Great is thy faithfulness. Increase our capacity to love you, with all our hearts, all our soul, all our minds and all our strengths. Where your treasure is where our will be. Come to us like the spring rain watering the earth.

In Jesus name Amen!