Holy, unblameable and unreprovable in Jesus sight. Colossians 1:22

 “Jesus died in our name so we can live in His name. The reason it is so hard for some Christians to accept it, it’s because we are walking in our condition not in our position” TD Jakes. When he said that something click in my spirit. I was instantly armed me with the amazing grace weapon in a more profound way. 

I love TD Jakes definition of amazing grace: “when we get ready to pray the enemy is going to bring up your past. But you need to pray in Jesus name because He presents you as if you haven’t done, said whatever the enemy is accusing of, that’s the definition of Amazing Grace.”

I love it!!!!! It totally ministered to my spirit. It doesn’t give us a green light to sin but releases us from the enemy lies and ready to kick butt. The sermon name is “Grounded in Faith”