I was inspired to write this post after watching Megan Good and Devon Franklin interview on CBS News. As Christians do we really believe that God knows what’s best for us? We often say we want God to bring us a spouse but still have a plan just in case God take too long. Or we go out and pick our own spouse and expect God to bless a relationship that He didn’t put together in the first place. 

Megan Good and Devon Franklin have a new book out called The Wait. “The Wait is to delay temptation for instant gratification in relationship in order to get what you really want in life and become the person you truly want to be.” That starts with waiting to have sex after marriage. Most people the number thing they bring up is compatibility. What if after I get married the sex is not good? My thing is if we really believe God can bring us a spouse, shouldn’t we also believe since He created us and knows our likes; He will bring someone with the right tool for our specific needs.

 Do we really believe God will get the spouse right but the compatibility wrong or is it just an excuse we use to do our own thing? Like Sarah Jakes Roberts said “If God bring you a spouse He will bring a willing vessel” this still cracks me up but it’s true.
Ponder on this and will do the same: Not wanting to wait is it a lack of trust in God, self-control or an excuse?