Fruit: Self-discipline, it  all started when I really decided to live for God. There’s a difference with saying you love God and living for God. I was determined to walk my talk. One of the fruit of the spirit is self-discipline, which I definitely didn’t have when it came to money. I would shop just because, and always find an excuse to go to the mall. I couldn’t control myself. I genuinely believe when you pray for something with a sincere heart, if it’s God’s will for your life He will make it happen. I prayed about my finances and stumbled on Unfancy’s blog. She had a capsule wardrobe of 37 pieces and it inspired me. In my head I was saying how she is able to do it, and always look great. I must have read her whole blog in 1 week, and decided that I was going to create my own capsule wardrobe by following her tips. For those who don’t know what a capsule wardrobe is check out this post by unfancy.

My first capsule was last spring. I must say I had major anxiety but I did it. I had 45 pieces. To my surprise I didn’t even use all of them. This winter capsule I have 40 pieces only because I have more than 2 coats(I know). I am a work in progress because I didn’t really need more than 2 coats. The goal is to have fewer pieces every capsule until I hit 35 or 37 pieces. If you want to learn how to build a capsule wardrobe check this post by unfancy.

This change helped my bank account tremendously. I always used to say I don’t have enough my money to pay my tithe but it wasn’t true. My money was simply going toward excessive shopping. Now that I have taken control of my shopping habits, I am able to pay my tithe in full and still save. I have never been able to save as much as I have before starting my capsule wardrobe. Or I would save but the money would always go towards unexpected expenses. I now know it was because I wasn’t paying my tithe. It’s funny how one small change could affect several areas in your life. It’s not always easy (trust me)  sometimes things come up but I stick to it even if I have to skip brunch with the girls.  I have  what I call the automatic the rule of 10, 10% to God and 10% to my saving.

What one change could you make to better your life?