I think I am on my third fast since the year started. This fast I gave up social media for 5 days and tv on the last 3 days. After reading my bible, battlefield of the mind, fervent prayer, praying, listening to sermons here are the things that spoke to my spirit. And also find my new favorite song by elevation worship called: Shine a light 

“For the next season of your life you going to have to pass on things you have a taste for” TD Jakes. When I heard this it was confirmation about things that have been happening to me and it felt good to know I was on the right track. 

Let God train the way you think, your perspective. For a long time I let other people train my perspective based on their own experience which could be out their own disobedience. 

 Talk from God point of view, change your vocabulary. As a man think in his heart so is he. 

 I am where I am either I feel a little better or little worse it’s my choice. Learning to chose wisely 

 “Play the hand God gave you. Never underestimate your hand, if God saw fit to give it to you there’s a blessing in it somewhere.” Toure Roberts

 “Perfect your story teller. Have an identity statement” Toure Roberts

 Let your mind and mouth be your best friend. You can’t be talking bad about yourself. 

 “The way you respond to pressure determined your level of word” TD Jakes

 “The reaction that you get when you are confronted by the enemy; when you are under attack is what the enemy wants. Everything else is a distraction.” TD Jakes. This made me realize my issue with money was never about money. It was about self control.

 “It’s not easy to tell a different story when the current one is consuming, because your physical senses observe it so fully. So take an emotional journey. The way to do it is to reach for a thought that has less doubt in it, that feels a little better and little better.” Abraham Hicks
 The goal is to see any moment in time through the eyes of God not through our flesh. Which is everything is possible.

 “The secret of living the victorious Christian life, we move ahead little by little. It’s an inching forward over months and years. Most of us can understand that, the same is true in the battle for the mind. We don’t roust satan in one big blow and then live in victory forever after. We win one small battle, and then we’re ready to move to the next one. We may have a few major victories that come suddenly, but not many of them. The fight to destroy satan’s strongholds comes mostly by daily doggedly, moving ahead” Joyce Meyer, Battlefield of the mind.

My prayer came down to one sentence: Lord give me a childlike faith. 

Hope this post inspired you on this beautiful Saturday and have a great weekend!