As child of God I often act like I am chopped liver but I am not. I believe but I still have some cricked places in my heart where I still need help with my unbelief. Sometimes I ask myself is it that I don’t to fully comprehend the profound power of God in my life. I often put limit on Him; I don’t let Him be God even though I say that’s what I want. But now I am letting Him teach me how to fight, how to talk, how to walk, how to trust, how to think. I am letting God teach me how to get to His best for me. I get so intoxicated with reality after all can see it and touch it. I know not easy to tell a different story when I am standing in the middle of something I don’t like but I can choose to feel a little better a little worse. I can leap into an emotional journey and trace the hand of God faithfulness. Replace facts as my criteria for focus with God’s word.


Fear is an indication that your thoughts do not line with the word of God. Its time to remember Greater is He that is in me that is in the world. TD Jakes recently said in a sermon “the reaction that you get when you are confronted by the enemy, when you are under attack is what he is after”. So now when things are happening in my life I quickly focus on my reaction, everything else is just a distraction. The key to winning the fight is to react according to God’s word, when its worry react worship, when its fear react with faith, when its anger react with love. It’s not always easy but with God help is possible. He also said “if you want to stop God in His tracks, a complaint won’t do it, feeling sorry for yourself won’t do it but a sincere praise will” I just love that. What I’ve learned every time a word speaks to my spirit, wait for it I will get tested by it. So when the test comes, I write down times when God showed up in my life during other tests. I leap into an emotional journey. I go down gratitude/victory lane to move my vibration from negative to positive.


I am determined not to be discouraged. I don’t want anything that’s not from God, negative chronic thoughts included. Faith to me is conjuring a vibration apart from reality, conjuring an expectation apart from reality by speaking the word and standing on God promises. A little less telling it like it is, a little less pointing out all the details of reality and little more hope and appreciation. Faith is the substance of the things hoped and the evidence of things not seen. Learning to only leap into God’s arms, because there His perfect love cast out fear.


Happy Leap Day! Let’s leap into God’s arms