What I’ve learned everyone is trying to better themselves, not in the same aspect, at the same time but we are all trying or at least want to. I’ve learned is not always black and white, people express hurt/pain different ways, not that it makes it ok but it also good to understand that a happy person don’t go around being mean, nasty or rude…etc to others it usually coming from pain, that they are not willing to share or admit yet and deal with. I’ve learned everyone mirrors a behavior in me, some good and some that I need to work on. I’ve learned to see pass others pain and still learning. I’ve learned that I am not willing to give my alignment with God because that’s my lifeline. I’ve learned that I can remind myself in any condition that I have the ability to choose to be happy, and back away from any condition that I don’t need/cannot control. I’ve learned that everything that I need is already is, all I have to do is be open to receive it. I’ve learned when you keep asking the question you disallow the answer; so I’ve learned to watch for evidence of the answer. I’ve learned that nothing ever goes unheard (even the least details) God knows exactly where I am in relationship to what I need, I’ve seen evidence of it. I’ve learned to give up the battle and just trust the power of my desire and I have faith. I’ve learned to pray more and meditate on God’s word! And finally I am learning to love unconditionally ❤️




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