When your life is changing with God’s help, because you put in the work it’s a beautiful thing. My life has been changing so much that I have a total new definition for success. Success to me now is the ability to choose my thoughts, the ability to hear the Holy Spirit, the ability to be content where I am, the ability to know that Jesus is I love with me, the ability to do the right even when you don’t feel like, the ability to choose love in the mist of this chaotic world, the ability to trust Jesus when things look impossible, the ability to wait on the Lord, the ability to move through your life without caring what other think of you so much. Success is having a new and positive inner dialogue, to me that’s real success…. having a godly inner dialogue will change your life forever, because one who is connected to God is more powerful than million. What is success to you? 

The quality of your joy cannot exceed the purity of your thoughts. ~Steven Furtick

I can honestly say that I love my life. I am eager to see what God does next, and Hw keeps defining success in my life. Looking forward to Him doing exceedingly, above and beyond. 
Happy Monday y’all and thank you for stopping by. 

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