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My son have been wanting to play football for over a year now, but due to my busy schedule I couldn’t commit it. This year was his year, he did the pre football camp in April and now we are currently in full blown football season.
Let’s just say it’s quiet in experience for this mom, who never really cared for football, and knows absolutely nothing about the game

What I’ve learned:

  • I now know what a touchdown is.. haha. Still learning the game.
  • Not to worry too much when the kids get hurt. They are very resilient
  • The parents take this football thing extremely serious.
  • Don’t say it’s just football.
  • The coaches can/will add extra practice day if necessary
  • Practice never ends on time lol

My son is passionate about the sport and takes it  very serious. One thing that I love about him being part a sport team, is the team spirit the boys have. They encourage and support each other. It’s heart warming to them come together to win on and off the field. The coaches enjoy what they do, love the boys and it shows in their attitude. And I can’t forget about our team mom, she keeps the team like a well-oiled machine. She is the real MVP, keeping up with the parents take a special anointing.

Football season is almost over and this momma can’t wait to get her weekend back.