Seating in Bard High School Early College auditorium, waiting for a small conference to start. I can’t help to think how good God is. How I was able to graduate the last year so I can dedicate my focus and be fully present in finding high schools with my son. 

As we shop for high schools, and JD takes several entrance exams, I have to keep reminding myself despite the fact God already knows the desire of my heart; not my will but Your will be done. 

God always gives His best to those who leave the choice with Him. ~ Psalm 37:7.

As a mom who is going through this process for the first time it’s bitter sweet. It’s a blessing that I get to watch him mature into this loving and responsible young man, but it’s also a reminder that he is no longer a baby. He recently got a cell phone, and will be taking the bus home soon. Now don’t get me wrong kids do it everyday, but this momma is experiencing it for the very first time. I have never prayed so hard in my life asking God to keep strengthening my inner woman, and remind me that He has my son in the palm of His hands. 

My goal through this process is to put God first, stay present and pray without ceasing.