“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God”

How many of us really understand that phrase? I couldn’t shake it off. I mean why do I worry so much? (God is working with me on that). Does that mean I don’t trust God? Does that mean that I think I know better? Well I don’t know better, which mean that I don’t trust God enough. And the next question would be why? I mean He has made Himself throughout my whole life and still is. I trust God I think sometimes I let the crooked places in my life get the best of me. I kept questioning myself why I felt that way and a practical way to help me understand how to trust God more and more, this whole conversation came to me.

I have a group of friends that I grew up who lives in Boston. I’ve known them for mostly all my life, over 25 years of friendship. Every time I go to Boston I always rely on them to drive me around, explore different part of Boston with no worries. I mean I let them pick  restaurants, places for me to stay anything that I need, they are my go to. When we go out at night I can even sleep in the car and I know I would get home safe. Then God showed me you trust them because you know them well, and you know they love and care about you, and won’t let anything bad happen to you right? So that’s how I care about you, million times more. I am able to move mountains, open doors, calm storms for you. Boston is unknown to you but you feel safe when you go because you know and trust your friends. You believe that they know Boston very well and they’ve got your back. Well, the future is also unknown to you but you can also feel safe, know and trust that I have you in the palm of my hand. Why? Because Your Dad knows and hold the future. He cares and loves you more you can ever imagine….believe that.

The question you should ask yourself is “how well to you knows Your Daddy?”