As Follower of Christ we are all on a journey to eternity, no journey is the same because we all have our own personal walk with God. God is a moving God. He is a just God, He gives according your capacity. He is patient with us, some of us learn quicker than others, some it only takes one time around the mountain, two or 3 for some and rock bottom for others. Some us learned from other people mistakes and some us had to live it to get it, but no matter what He will never give up on us.

I feel as a lot of Christians we are so hard on each other, and justify it in the name of Jesus. There’s a saying “if you want to know if someone is really save try disagreeing with them”. I’ll give you one word “election”. The hatred that is being displayed on social media is unreal. Is such behavior Christ like? When did we become judge and jury? When did we start seeing the future and know what God has planned? Why can’t we respect each other’s opinions without condemning others who disagree with you to hell or call them unsaved? When did you become God? Can you examine minds, and test the hearts? What makes your choice better than the other? Did God give you a special revelation? Can we agree to disagree in love? Most of us are being led by our feelings not wisdom. What I know is, regardless who becomes President God has the power to use him/her to do his will. He used Saul and this man was a professional Christian killer.

One thing I’ve learned, and I am still learning if God treated us half of the way we treat others we wouldn’t be here. No matter what we have done God grace is new every morning and ready to forgive all day everyday. So I am learning to extend the same grace that I get, it’s not always easy but I try my best. At the end of the day we are all sinners who are made holy and without blame before God in love. No matter what someone’s journey looks like according to what we think is good, bad or acceptable His grace is sufficient for all.