When God gives you the opportunity to walk in Faith do you take it or do you chicken out?We all say we want to grow our faith but do we really? Can we grow in faith without experiences? Can we truly believe and don’t take a leap of faith? Do you believe that your blessing is connected to your obedience? Do you really believe that God will take care all of your needs? Do we believe that He knows our needs before we even know it? Can we let go of bad or what we think is good for great and trust the process? Sometimes when I sit and contemplate how big God is to extent that my mind can imagine, how The Power that creates world can do everything exceedingly above and beyond all that we ask, think or imagine why do take so long to really surrender all. Some of us surrender our hearts but not finances, some us surrender finances not our love life versi versa. Do we really understand that when we don’t obey that we are saying NO to all these questions even though we say we believe in God? Do we realize that every time He tells us to do something big or small and we don’t do it, that we are flat out telling Him I don’t trust you? The way I am doing it is better than yours. None of us will admit to saying such thing to God but we do all the time. 

While I was pondering on all these questions and scrolling on facebook I came across John Bevere post and it said “WE can be sure that we know Him IF WE OBEY His commandments. This is how we know that we truly in the faith.” My thought was seriously God….I got checked quickly. Most of the time we settle out of fear for mediocrity instead of waiting for God’s best.