Happy 3 day week y’all! 

I truly enjoy thanksgiving week, although we all always have something to be thankful for, we can always use a reminder, and thanksgiving put great spot light on it for us all.

This year I am specially thankful for my spiritual maturity, getting to know Jesus on a more deeper level, setting time aside for Him, learning how to be obedient, chasing my fears and doubts with scriptures, and I also celebrated my first year of full tithing (I haven’t missed one my month 🙌🏽). I am also grateful for spiritual discipline. Thankful to do life as a momma, thankful for my family and friends, blessings that I am currently walking in and my upcoming blessings. I am humbly thankful for the people that God used me to inspire, pray for and be a glimpse of His love.

Now, let’s talk about this bomber jacket. I like bomber jacket but not enough to buy one for myself, so when I feel like wearing one I borrow my son’s jacket. Yes, I can fit his clothes.. ah,  and momma likes that because he has great taste in clothes. I am thinking I should get my own lol.

Bomber: H&M