Wow… just like that in a couple weeks we will be saying good bye to 2016. This post is my last one for the year. I’ll be taking the last two weeks to pray and reflect on lessons learned and the ones I still need to learn.


This year past has been a pruning year for me, of sowing new seeds, of learning to obey God and trusting Him more and more. It’s funny I grew up hearing that faith comes from hearing, however I’ve never experienced it like I have this year. I did what the word said which is hearing. I read, listen, read, listen, read and listen some more.


Recently, I heard Erica Campbell say you have to find your own Jesus, it resonated with me because for years that was always what I wanted. It took some times to get hear, to have my own intimate relationship with Him, not just in words but also in knowing. I learned and will continue to learn to practice God presence for the rest of my life. When you know, God is always right next to you it makes you a better human being, because you just want to please Him.

Things I’ve learned and/or was able to understand in a deeper level this year:

  •  Truth is God’s opinion on any matter: the Word
  •   Be a doer of the word
  •  Fighting fear and doubts with scriptures, it works.
  •  The only relationship to focus and think about is the relationship between God and me and everything else will fall into place.
  • Anything I ask in prayer, If I believe, I’ve received it, it’s already mine
  •  The law of confessing God’s word over every situation
  •  Faith reveals your reliance on God
  • If you don’t have faith you are not pleasing God
  •  Recognize the source of your opposition is satan and stand firm
  • Learn how to stir up the that is in you
  • Not to impose my prejudices over my child
  •   Pray without ceasing
  • In every promise, we have a move and God has a move. God can’t move if we don’t move, but He will never fail to move when we do
  • The biggest lesson learned this year is I believed but I believed as far as I know. I wasn’t believing beyond my actual knowledge. I needed spiritual and scriptural believing.

This year has taught me to lay all my plans for 2017 at My savior feet and say, Lord take my will and give me yours, I want Yours.

Now let’s talk about this outfit. A week ago, while driving to work and talking to my sister I told her I wanted an off-white outfit. So, I decided to stop at target which is pretty normal for me…. lol. It was like everything was just waiting to be pick up by me. I walk in went straight to the hat section took the hat, went to the clothes section, the coat and the sweatshirt were right next to each other got them and went to the cashier. It literally took me 10 minutes in the store to come up with this look, scanned my items to cartwheel, got my discount and be on my merry way

Since I already had white jeans and nude pumps, all I had to do its put the whole look together and voila my NYE outfit. Am I the only one who gets a rush at off being inspired to come up with a look? I feel a high when it happens to me and I simply love it. Even if no one ever read my blog I would continue to do it just for the way it makes me feel.

Hope I was able to inspire you guys. May we all have a Merry Christmas in Jesus name.






Sweatshirt: Target

 Coat: target

 Hat: Target

 Pants: The Loft (old)

 Pumps: Target (old)