Happy New Year all

Hope everyone had a great holiday and are ready for this New Year because WE CAN, AND WE ARE ABLE, through Christ. While everyone are making resolutions, vision boards, I decided to create a belief board. Some might I ask why? Well after several failed resolutions, I realized they don’t work for me if my beliefs don’t line up with them.So this year my dominant intention is to change my beliefs which I know will change my mindset, my life, actions and reactions in every aspects of my life.

My dominant intention about blogging is to be my true authentic self. Meaning not for likes but because I truly enjoy it, and let my gift make room for me. I want to be in alignment with every post that I upload on my blog or on Instagram. I intend on moving with my own flow, not with what everyone is doing or is popular.

I started reading The Year Of Yes by Shonda Rhimes, it is helping to say yes to a lot of things I wouldn’t say yes to. Like going to the movies by myself, taking some solo trips. I love my house and I love being home so I tend to say home a lot, so I want to doing more fun outside of the house. I want to be content with my life, be a better parent and to live a little more.

I recently got a new NIV Bible journaling, that I plan to use at night doing my time with Jesus. I also decided on a new morning spiritual ritual broken down into 20 minutes for now. Broken down as follow:

  • 5 minutes morning devotion and prayer
  • 5 minutes meditation
  • 10 minutes on my elliptical (10 minutes you might say, well i haven’t work out in over 6 months so I am keeping myself honest… haha to do it everyday) every 2 weeks i want to add 5 minutes until i get to 30.

This year is also a year of saving like never before. I decide to build a capsule wardrobe again, because it will helped me with my finance and creativity. No more excess, I can honestly say I don’t need anything right now. I also decided no more eating out unless brunch for special occasion.

Finally, this year is a year to fall in love with Jesus like never before, and to be obedient to Him right away. To say what God say…meaning no more saying things based on my feeling, what I see, hear or think. I am determined to say what God say about me and every situation. The ultimate goal is to say what God say no matter what until that’s all i know and manifest.

Every year I have a word, my word this year is: ALLOW

Mantra: Faith is not a feeling, I am letting God be true and every man a liar

Hope I was able to inspire you, CHEERS to being our best self!


Bodysuit: H&M (sold out) similar bodysuit

Pants: Forever 21 (old) similar jeans

Coat: Target