Oh This coat!  there’s a great story behind my best 2016 purchase. While at H&M with my sister back in November with no intention to buy clothes let alone a coat, there it was on the rack with a spotlight shining on it with my name on top with a personal note: just for you. I know it’s a bit much but that’s how it felt. I took it off the rack and put it on, it is a size a bigger than my size and 50% of $150. I go show off my prize to my sister while she was waiting on line. And of course since my sister is not into shopping she was like it ok. I’m like just ok, what do you know. I told her I’m going to check the price again cause there was a lot sale going on. Well when I got to the cashier, she said: $21.99, my response with so much excitement in my voice and biggest smile on my face was “sold“. My sister looked at me  is it really that serious, I replied yep it’s that serious, it’s great deal and great buy. My shopping friends please tell it’s that serious, tell her, tell her… haha

This coat is stylish and very warm perfect for the very cold winter in NYC.  

Coat: H&M (sold out) Similar: coat