Waiting is not easy even tho we are not actively doing anything. Praying and waiting is flat out hard if you don’t have a strategy. I am not a waiting kinda of girl, my family might say I have a slight control issue but we are working on it and kicking derrière.

This is how I wait:

*When worry come I pray

*When envy knocks I let love answer

*When I see people around me get what I want I let God’word soothe me

*When I feel overwhelmed I write in my journal to God.

*When my anxious thoughts come I put on worship music

*I give myself a good and honest pep talk

*I listen to a lot of audiobooks at work that reinforce my spiritual life 

It doesn’t always play out exactly like that but God is always at the center when I feel weak. When I feel like giving up I remember how I tried it myself and failed. I am determined to wait on God’s Best for my life. My waiting is not without Hope because I know God will not withhold any good thing from me. Do you believe and know that God longs to be gracious to you? If you don’t I pray that you get that knowing.

About my look:
I love this khaki pants so comfortable and versatile. Paired it with a stripe sweatshirt and added the heels for a more put casual chic look




Pants: H&M


Sandals: Target