Staying in your own lane: It’s hard not to get side track with everything that is being thrown at us in the world of social media. I have to admit that I got off track a while back but after my 40 day fast I was able focus again on who I want to be and becoming. Here’s 6 questions I ask myself that help me stay on track: 
1. Ask myself does it please God? This one is big for me, because I want God’s hand in everything that I do. 
2. Am I being led by love or fear?
3. Is it in alignment with who I truly am; Who God says I am?
4. Would I be ok if my son said/saw/heard/did it?
5. What’s my intention? 
6. Would I want to create more of the energy behind it?

My outfit: I am really into long kimonos. I wore this look for Mother’s Day brunch. I paired it white jeans and my rose gold loafers 

Kimono: Forever 21

Jeans: Fashion Nova

Top: V. Beckham for target

Loafers: Nine West