This past Friday my son graduated from middle school. It was a great and a reality check experience. My baby is going to high school. I have mixed emotions I want to grow but I also want him to still be my baby. He needs less and less, and thinks he knows it all. I guess it’s the age. As we embark on this new chapter of life this is my prayer for him:

I pray that The Lord directs his heart into the love of God and into the steadfastness of Christ. I pray that he continues to flee youthful lust and pursue righteousness. I pray that he be like Timothy an example of character, love, speech and purity. I pray that he always knows that his worth is in God and his joy comes from the Lord. And that he can do all things through Christ who gives him strength. I pray that his confidence be consumed with God’s wisdom. I pray that he be rooted and established in love. I pray that the eyes of his of his understanding be open, so he can see the hope of his calling in God. I pray that he be enlighten to understand the riches and glory and the exceeding greatness raising from the death power that God has placed inside of his born again spirit. I pray that he walks by faith not by what sight. I pray that the Word of God be his standards for living. I pray that he be on fire for God in Jesus name I pray.  It is so.



Outfit: I am in love with that yellow dress, it’s been a while since I wore a bright color, and my son’s graduation was the perfect opportunity. The big bow and the mermaid looks is simply gorgeous. That dress was definitely out of my comfort zone but I love it.



Dress: Asos