Yesterday, Heather Lindsey replied to someone on her page saying “I tell my feelings how to feel”, reading it felt like an answer to my prayer. You mean to tell me I don’t have to give my feelings a vote? I’ve been casting down thoughts but was still giving my feeling a vote. So today, I woke up and wrote down what I was going to tell my feelings, Grateful was number one on the list. And when a feeling didn’t match what I wrote down, I said to myself nope this is how to feel. Honestly, telling my feelings to feel grateful worked like a charm, it stop me from snowballing in head.


Today is the first day in a while that I can see a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel. Despite the fact the anxiety of my parents’ death revisited me and tried to paralyzed me, I never felt that God left me for one second. And I was determined not to use distractions to fix it this time because I realized that’s what I’ve been unconsciously doing for the past 20 plus years. Don’t get me wrong it’s not easy but I never felt alone. I will be sharing my story soon after my complete victory in Jesus name, but for now I’ll share these resolutions by Priscilla Shirer I am rededicating myself to today. I will be aggressively practicing #1, 4, 6, and 8

Priscilla Shirer, The Resolution for Women

1. I DO SOLEMNLY RESOLVE to embrace my current season of life and will maximize my time in it. I will resist the urge to hurry through or circumvent any portion of my journey but will live with a spirit of contentment.


2. I WILL CHAMPION God’s model for womanhood in the face of a postfeminist culture. I will teach it to my daughters and encourage its support by my sons.


3. I WILL ACCEPT and celebrate my uniqueness, and will esteem and encourage the distinctions I admire in others.


4. I WILL LIVE as a woman answerable to God and faithfully committed to His Word.


5. I WILL SEEK to devote the best of myself, my time, and my talents to the primary roles the Lord has entrusted to me in this phase of my life.


6. I WILL BE a woman who is quick to listen and slow to speak. I will care about the concerns of others and esteem them more highly than myself.


7. I WILL FORGIVE those who have wronged me and reconcile with those I have wronged.


8. I WILL NOT TOLERATE evil influences even in the most justifiable form, in myself or my home, but will embrace and encourage a life of purity.


9. I WILL PURSUE justice, love mercy, and extend compassion toward others.


10. I WILL BE FAITHFUL to my husband and honor him in my conduct and conversation in order to bring glory to the name of the Lord. I will aspire to be a suitable partner for him to help him reach his God-given potential.


11. I WILL DEMONSTRATE to my children how to love God with all their hearts, minds, and strength, and will train them to respect authority and live responsibly.


12. I WILL CULTIVATE a peaceful home where everyone can sense God’s presence not only through acts of love and service but also through the pleasant and grateful attitude with which I perform them.


13. I FULLY RESOLVE to make today’s decisions with tomorrow’s impact in mind. I will consider my current choices in light of those who will come after me.





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