I am learning to take one day at a time. I grew up hearing that phrase but never really applied it to my life. Trusting one moment at a time can be challenging. Life can be so overwhelming, but I am learning in every moment I can choose to trust what the Word say, and if I am having a hard time to trust, I tell God exactly how I feel and ask Him for help. I am learning to be totally be vulnerable about my feelings with Him. I’ve learned yes, the Bible is true but believing is a process, why? because we’ve been trained the opposite, the more you hear it, the more you believe it. I’ve learned to give myself a break to let The Holy Spirit work in me. I’ve learned that renewing my mind is an on-going process, its not like a college degree once I have it that’s it. I’ve learned that every day, every minute, every moment I get to choose again and again. Some days, some moments I make better choices than others, but now I allow Grace to massage me back to place.


Now let’s talk about today outfit. I like the cold shoulder trend (not my favorite) but I still wanted to try it. I figured why not kill 2 birds with one stone, because a denim dress is a must have in my summer wardrobe, the cold should added some spice so this dress was great combo.







Dress: Boohoo